Emergency Services

WE ARE ALWAYS HERE! There will always be a Doctor in the hospital, with a technical staff to care for you pet day or night. If your animal is hospitalized overnight you will be able to look in on your computer to see how your pet is being cared for.

We are equipped with all the needed equipment to provide emergency / critical care including intensive care unit with oxygen cages, multiple monitoring systems which measure blood pressure, pulse, and many other parameters. In house laboratory where test results are almost immediate. Digital radiography, where in minutes we have valuable radiographs.

Other Specialty Services

This new laser has the capabilities due to cutting edge technology to not only decrease inflammation but also to stimulate stem cell growth. Artemis can used by itself to treat some conditions or together with the hyperbaric chamber. The conditions that Artemis can improve are the same as the hyperbaric. Artemis has recently been used in treatment of acute renal failure.

A CAT scan as it is usually referred to. This scanner is one of the few specifically for animals. This piece of equipment allows our doctors’ to see things that regular radiographs cannot.

A treatment modality that can be used to treat but not limited to osteoarthritis, multiple neurological injuries or diseases’, large wounds, non-healing wounds, pancreatitis, and Lyme disease. .The theory behind the chamber is to use oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure to improve the specific condition. See hyperbaric chamber on web site for more info.

Quicker recovery and less pain for your pet. This is minimal invasive surgery for your pet. Examples of procedures spay, exploratory with biopsies and many others

These scopes will allow us to retrieve some gastrointestinal foreign bodies, or get biopsies. Going into the lungs, these scopes will allow us to visualize actual lung tissue and retrieve samples for diagnostics.